UNAMSIL Radio in Sierra Leone

UN Chief Calls on Radio Stations to Promote the Voice of Women

World Radio Day
UNDP Sierra Leone Country Director Sudipto Mukerjee speaks with Radio Democracy FM 98.1 to mark World Radio Day, 13 February

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, World Radio Day, 13 February 2013

World Radio Day recognizes the unique role and impact of a medium that reaches the largest audience worldwide.

This year’s observance highlights the need for radio broadcasters everywhere to promote the voice of women and to enhance the role of women within broadcast organizations.

UNAMSIL Radio in Sierra Leone
UNAMSIL Radio in Sierra Leone
Photograph: Panos / Fredrik Naumann

The airwaves have frequently lagged behind when it comes to gender equality.

Not nearly enough women’s voices are heard — either in front or behind the microphone.

Not nearly enough stories about women and girls are being told.

And women make up only a quarter of the members of the boards of the world’s media enterprises.

I encourage radio stations to be more inclusive by equally recognizing women in their staff and in their audience.

Radio can also help dismantle stereotypical and imbalanced programming.

This is an opportunity for everyone.  Let us celebrate this World Radio Day by saluting women in radio today — and doing our utmost to nurture the new voices for tomorrow.