Presidential Statement of the Security Council (S/PRST/2014/6)

The full text of presidential statement S/PRST/2014/6 reads as follows:

“As the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Mission in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) completes its mandate on 31 March 2014, the Security Council commends the remarkable achievements made by Sierra Leone over the past decade, as well as its contribution to important regional and global initiatives. The Security Council further commends the effectiveness of the approach of the United Nations, international financial institutions, regional and subregional bodies, and the broader international community to peacebuilding in Sierra Leone. “The Security Council welcomes the considerable progress that has been made by Sierra Leone in strengthening institutional and human resources capacities of State institutions, including in the security, justice and governance sectors which play crucial roles in safeguarding stability and promoting democracy. “The Security Council also welcomes the successful presidential and parliamentary elections conducted in 2012 which have helped to consolidate Sierra Leone’s democratic institutions. “The Security Council recognizes the important contribution of UNIPSIL in promoting peace, stability and development in Sierra Leone, particularly during the 2012 electoral process. The Security Council expresses its appreciation for the efforts of the Mission and the United Nations country team, under the leadership of the Executive Representatives of the Secretary-General. “The Security Council underscores the importance of continued support to Sierra Leone as it embarks on the next stage of its development, beyond UNIPSIL, including the constitutional review process, and notes the willingness of the United Nations and bilateral and multilateral partners to continue, as requested by the Sierra Leonean authorities, to play a significant role in this regard. In addition, the Security Council urges the international community and development partners to continue to provide coordinated and coherent support to Sierra Leone to meet its peacebuilding and development priorities. “The Security Council stresses that there is important work ahead to further embed peace and secure equitable prosperity for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans. The Security Council welcomes the adoption by the Government of Sierra Leone of the Agenda for Prosperity covering the period from 2013 to 2018 and notes the importance of the implementation of this programme in accordance with the Mutual Accountability Framework agreed between the Government of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone’s Development Partners’ Committee in March 2013. “The Security Council reaffirms the important potential role of extractive industries in Sierra Leone’s economic development, and encourages the Government of Sierra Leone and international partners to strengthen protection of workers’ rights and national capacities for transparent regulation, oversight and revenue collection from such industries, as well as to address issues of land ownership with a view to establishing mutually beneficial arrangements for local communities and the private sector, and calls upon the government to tackle corruption. “The Security Council stresses the importance for Sierra Leone’s long-term stability of ensuring a peaceful, credible and transparent electoral process in 2017. “The Security Council reiterates its request in resolution 2097 that the United Nations Office for West Africa make available its good offices to support the Government of Sierra Leone and the new United Nations Resident Coordinator as necessary. “The Security Council welcomes the work of the Sierra Leone Configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission. The Security Council recalls its request in resolution 2097 (2013) for the Peacebuilding Commission to review its engagement with a view to scaling down its role and welcomes the Commission’s shift to a lighter form of engagement for a transitional period over next 12 months, as outlined in its report to the Council (S/2014/211). The Security Council requests that Sierra Leone contributes to the work of the Peacebuilding Commission to gather lessons learnt and best practices. “The Security Council congratulates the Special Court for Sierra Leone on the completion of its mandate, recalls the strong support it expressed for the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone as it commences its functioning, and reiterates its call in resolution 2097 (2013) for Member States to contribute generously.”