Second UNICEF/ World Bank Emergency Airlift: Rushing urgent Ebola supplies to Sierra Leone

Second UNICEF/ World Bank Ebola Emergency Airlift to Sierra Leone
UNICEF Sierra Leone 2014/ Sulaiman Stephens

UNICEF, with funds from the World Bank, has procured and facilitated the delivery of 100 metric tons of essential drugs and equipment worth over $ 1.7 million. The supplies are for the treatment of Ebola affected patients in Sierra Leone.

This is the second consignment in less than two weeks and it more than doubles the first supplies. The consignment arrived early this morning on a chartered cargo aircraft at Lungi International Airport. The supplies comprise essential drugs, chlorine and personal protective equipment that are urgently needed to fight the Ebola epidemic.

The surge in the supply of these essential drugs and equipment re-echoes the World Bank’s commitment to the fight to eliminate Ebola. We are working closely with the Government to prevent the shortage of these crucial drugs and supplies. We believe they are key in protecting the health workers and saving the lives of infected patients in the treatment centers”, said Ato Brown, the World Bank’s Country Manager in Sierra Leone.

The funding from the World Bank comes from its $200 million pledge last month to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone contain the spread of Ebola, help their communities cope with the economic impact of the crisis, and improve public health systems throughout West Africa.

The supplies have been transferred to the Central Medical Store in Freetown for immediate dispatch to different Ebola holding/treatment centres.

“UNICEF will continue to support the Government through the EOC to quickly respond adequately to the requests for the much needed logistical support and facilitation of drugs and other supplies in the fight against Ebola”, said Roeland Monasch, UNICEF Representative in Sierra Leone “We will not relent until the disease is eliminated!”

UNICEF supports activities within the different pillars under the Ebola Operations Center, including the Social Mobilization, Surveillance and Laboratory, Case Management, Logistics and Child Protection/Social Protection pillars.



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