UNDAF 2015-2018

CaptureThe United Nations Assistance Development Framework 2015-2018 is particularly significant for the people of Sierra Leone because it follows the departure of UN Peacekeepers (UNAMSIL) and UN Peacebuilders (UNIOSILand UNIPSIL) from the country. The decision to close UNIPSIL on 31st March 2014 marked the end of a decade of Security Council engagement with Sierra Leone.

In line with global UN procedures there were four sequential stages that led to the completion of the UNDAF, which were as follows:

  • Road Map April (May 2013)
  • Country Analysis (June – July 2013)
  • Strategic Prioritization (August – November 2013)
  • Finalization (December 2013 – February 2014)

The UNDAF Road Map was jointly written by the UNCT and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Road Map was also endorsed by the Development Partners Group and the UN’s Regional Directors’ Team. The Country Analysis concluded that there were multiple root and underlying causes that accounted for under-achievement in many developmental targets.