UNICEF Expression of Interest 2016

Dear Partners


UNICEF is pleased to launch the Expression of Interest (EoI) for national and international NGOs who would like to appeal for partnership with UNICEF in 2016 and beyond.


UNICEF is the agency of the United Nations mandated to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

In Sierra Leone, The Basic Cooperation Agreement (BCA) concluded between the Government of Sierra Leone and UNICEF in 1985 provides the basis of the relationship between the government and UNICEF. Through the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP), UNICEF works with the government and other partners to support national efforts. The overall goal of the 2015-2018 Country Programme is to support national efforts, decentralized service delivery and community-based development to accelerate the realization of the rights of children by improving access to services, developing the capacity of systems, building resilience among households and communities, and providing social protection to the poorest and most vulnerable families. This is expected to significantly contribute to the achievement of the post-2015 development goals. It also will support achievement of the global goals in the UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2014-2017.


In this context, UNICEF programme strategies are centred around three priorities: i) sectoral convergence; ii) evidence-based data; iii) community engagement, to achieve the following programme results:


  • Child Survival and Development: ensuring that under-five and school-age children, adolescents and women have access to and utilize essential, high-quality and high-impact child survival and development services incorporating prevention, treatment and care.
  • Education: increasing access, improving learning achievement and cultivating a quality education system that provides all girls and boys with equitable opportunities for learning, supporting the development of institutional capacity in the education sector, including by strengthening systems to enhance school enrolment and right-age entry, retention, completion and transition, as well as improved quality of teaching and learning.
  • Child Protection: strengthening child protection systems and build on the gains from the Ebola response to  improve equitable prevention of, and response to, violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of children, and especially to reach the most marginalized including those affected by Ebola.
  • Social policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation: strengthening the capacities of ministries, agencies and local councils for planning, monitoring and evaluation, data management and social policy analysis to reduce multidimensional child poverty and exclusion.
  • External relations and advocacy: reinforcing evidence-based advocacy on issues relating to the rights of children and women using multiple channels — including social media, print media, television and radio



Partnerships are at the heart of the UNICEF mandate. Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations play a vital role, particularly in implementing UNICEF-supported programmes. With a view to optimizing its partnerships to reach the most disadvantaged and excluded communities and to extend essential services, UNICEF Sierra Leone is launching a new call for interest to identify and develop strategic partnership with Civil Society Organizations that will support government priorities. The process is intended to be fully transparent.



The Call for EOI is being launched on 11 December 2015. The timeline from the selection of partners to the endorsement of the partnership is as follows:


  • Selection of partners:11 December 2015 to 28 January 2016
  • Development of partnership: 31 January to 17 March 2016
  • Review and approval of partnership:18 to 25 March 2016
  • Endorsement of partnership by UNICEF Representative: 25 to 31 March 2016


Interested partners will be requested to submit a concept note (download here), by 28 January 2016 outlining the proposed strategic partnership with UNICEF, specifically the contributions that they intend to make towards achieving results.


Organizations that wish to participate in this Call for Expression of Interest are requested to send their submission electronically to  srlcallforinterest@unicef.org or deliver their submission in a sealed envelope clearly marked “CSO Call for Expression of Interest” at the following address:


UNICEF Sierra Leone,

Government Central Medical Stores

Compound, Jomo Kenyatta Road,

New Englandville, Freetown


By Monday 25 January 2016 at 17.00 hrs


Any requests for additional information should be addressed in writing (1 week before deadline for submissions at the latest) to SRL-Freetown Call for Interest, e-mail: srlcallforinterest@unicef.org. UNICEF responses to any queries or clarification requests will be sent to a compiled mailing list of partners before the deadline for submission of applications.


Potential partners will be evaluated by a Steering Committee (composed of representatives from the Ministry of Finance and UNICEF) based on their prior results, comparative advantage and convergence of programmes with UNICEF needs. Specifically, concept notes will be evaluated against the following criteria:

1. Proposal relevance, quality and coherence (30%)

Includes review of the proposed programme:

  • Relevance of proposal to achieving expected results;
  • Innovative approach;
  • Adequacy and clarity of proposed budget (including contribution by CSO)

2. Institutional capacity and sustainability (65%)

Includes a review of the CSO:

  • Expertise and experience in the sector/area;
  • Local experience, presence and community relations;
  • Management ability;
  • Experience working with UN/UNICEF
  • Mobilize partnerships around awareness of children’s issues
  • Knowledge & Innovative approach

3. Other (5%).

  • Replicability/scalability/multiplier
  • Visibility
  • Geographic coverage


Selected partners will be requested to provide a more detailed proposal, to be submitted by 17 March 2016.  The review process and final approval of the partnership will be completed on 25 March 2016.


Looking forward to hear from you

Best Regards