The New United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework UNSDCF Sierra Leone 2020-2023

The United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) 2020-2023 is the strategic plan of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) contributing to the national development priorities and strategies of the Government of Sierra Leone as established in the Medium-Term National Development Plan (MTNDP) 2019-2023.

The UNSDCF is harmonized with the MTNDP clusters, outputs, targets and indicators and incorporates the goals and principles that underpin the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The UNSDCF will be implemented at central and district levels under the leadership of a Joint Steering Committee, co-chaired by the Minister of Planning and Economic Development and the United Nations Resident Coordinator, which will ensure that response to national challenges and transformation are “Delivered as One”.

The Cooperation Framework is articulated around four priority areas.  The first area refers to the key government policy on promoting sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, and strengthening resilience and capacities to prevent the adverse effects of climate change. The second area addresses the government agenda on transformative governance and institution-building as well as the promotion of an enabling environment to sustain peace and stability in the country. The third area supports the flagship government programmes on free quality school education and human capital development as well as the government efforts on promoting access of the population to basic services, including health care and energy. The fourth area sustains the government agenda on empowerment and social protection of women and other vulnerable members of society and promotes conditions for the vulnerable groups to be able to seize social and economic opportunities and play a role as agents of change in the society. A results matrix as well as a monitoring and evaluation framework for all outcomes have also been included as part of this document.

The UNSDCF upholds the principles of gender equality, human rights, and conflict sensitivity, ensuring that “no one is left behind”, which will guide all UN system programmes and projects. 

Finally, the UNSDCF intends to advance the United Nations Secretary-General’s agenda on repositioning the United Nations development system and responds to the Secretary-General’s call for optimizing resources and improving effectiveness of the UN’s support to countries.

You may read the full UNSDCF Sierra Leone document here:

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