All work in Sierra Leone is guided by the UNDAF – the United Nations Development Action Framework. It features eight priority themes, or pillars.

The pillars are based on the Government´s Agenda for Prosperity as well as UNCT assessment of the current development climate and identification of key areas where a united UN voice will lead to action. You can read the UNDAF here. 

Each member of the UNCT will use these key advocacy points in all their public outreach. When highlighting specific programmatic areas and results, joint projects of more than one UN agency should be given priority to emphasize the One UN’s coordinated approach to achieving sustainable development.

1: Support to Good Governance (All MDGs)

Goal: National institutions will be strengthened to perform their core functions more effectively and deliver services at  national and local levels in a transparent and equitable manner.

2: Agriculture and Food Security (MDG 1, 3)

Goal: Smallholders’ agricultural production will increase and food security will be improved

3: Natural Resources and Disaster Management (MDG 3, 7)

Goal:  Natural resources will be sustainably and equitably managed and threats and impacts from natural and man-made disasters reduced

4: Social Protection, Child Protection, Gender Equality and Human Rights (MDG 1, 3)

Goal: The capacity and regulatory framework for human rights, gender equality and child protection will be strengthened

5: Basic Education (MDG 2,3)

Goal: The access and the quality of basic education will be improved

6: Health and Nutrition (MDG 3, 4, 5, 6)

Goal: A universal access to comprehensive and quality healthcare services will be enhanced

7: Economic Development and Employment (MDG 1, 3, 8)

Goal: An enabling environment for investment and employment creation will be improved